Our teams

Lifang FAN

Lifang FAN Senior economist, MSc in Science, PhD in Management. Current general manager of CCIC Netherlands. Served as vice manager of CCIC Hubei.
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Zheshuo LIU

Zheshuo LIU Current Vice manager of CCIC London. Worked as the official veterinarian in the Chinese government for 22 years; Worked at CCIC Germany for 5 years. The official veterinarian of the China Entry-Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau; the official veterinarian of the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
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Meishen QIN

Meishen QIN BSc of Animal Science; MSc of Entrepreneurship and SME Management. Specialized in providing services for food exporting to China. Responsible for the development of services including but not limited to: Chinese label consulting, traceability inspection, food GB analysis, regulation consultancy, Chinese certification, factory auditing, etc.
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